Mesoestetic 012 L-Carnitine Ampoules (20 x 5ml)

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View More Marques (F - P) active ingredients to design 100% customised treatments 012: metabolisation of fatty acids - pH 6.0 - 8.0

During the lipolysis process, triglycerides break down into glycerol and fatty acids. These esterified fatty acids have a limited capacity for penetration to the mitochondrion, requiring a physiological carrier. This carrier is L-carnitine, thanks to which activated fatty acids are deviated to oxidation and are not used by the body in the neoformation of triglycerides, limiting cytoplasm bioavailability of activated fatty acids. Its mechanism of action increases the efficacy of other products with lipolytic effect.

This pack consists of 20 ampoules of 5ml.

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