Lipoinject 25G Intralipotherapy Needle - 20 needles x 70ml


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Lipoinject25G Intralipotherapy Needle Dimensions: 25G x 70 mm

Note: Sterile packaging.

Summary: Manufactured using premium quality German steel by Mallory International Ltd.

These needles are specifically designed for use in Intralipotherapy

Guarantees patients' pain free treatment, owing to its extremely fine size and easy penetration.

Suitable for treating large areas of the body in one session, where in some cases treatment needs to be spread over weeks and months.

More About The Manufacturer Marllor established in 2007 have since grown rapidly in 5 countries, becoming a strong and reliable leader in manufacturing Lipoinject instruments.

Their mission has been consistent to provide the highest quality needles from raw materials.

They are continuing to develop their research into manufacturing more technical instruments for uses in intralipotherapy and other medicinal uses.

What is Intralipotherapy?

Intralipotherapy is a popular treatment with both men and women as it offers minimal invasive techniques, (no surgery) to eliminate excesss, unwanted fat tissue from the body.

Lipo injection needles are commonly used to administer products such as Aqualyx which helps to dissolve fat in desired areas of the body.

Namely, to help the patient achieve their ideal silhouette shape or frame.

Aqualyx is injected directly into the fat issue using the Lipoinject needle.

This method of lipodissolve is commonly used on the stomach, hips, waist, hips, thighs, upper arms, male breasts and on double chins or saggy cheeks.

Lipotherapy is a reliable, safe, quick and effective way to erase fat, especially as the fats cells cannot reform again once dissolved.

The lymphatic system works to eliminate the fat from the body.

When normal exercise and diet cannot help to burn off excess fat, Intralipotherapy is a trusted method to help patients achieve the perfect body contour.

Treatment takes between 40 minutes and 2 hours depending on the number of areas being treated.

Patients can carry on their normal lives following treatment, including going back to work, however, excess exercise should be avoided for a few days.

Who should not use Lipo Injections?

Pregnant women or nursing mothers should avoid Lipotherapy and using Lipoinjections.

Also, children and individuals with serious health conditions should not use this treatement.

What side effects are associated with Lipo Injections?

There are generally a low number of side effects reported with lips injections as Intralipotherapy is very well tolerated with all patients.

With the needle being so thin, it only comes into contact with minimal nerve fibers, which should result in no side effects.

A slight burning sensation, itching or skin redness may occur, but will subside and only last for a few days.

Product Size:

20 needles x 70ml