Filorga Scrub & Mask 55ml


FILORGA SCRUB & MASK is a dual action exfoliating mask that aims to reoxygenate and reveal new skin.

An oxygen therapy inspired face mask suitable for all skin types, you should notice immediately after usage that the pores are tightened, the skin texture is refined and smoothed, and that the skin glows with radiance.

Directions For Use:

Step 1: New skin revealing scrub Massage gently into skin after cleansing to remove dead skin cells.

Enzymes mimicking the embryo hatching process works simultaneously to boost exfoliation for a complete new skin effect.

- Step 2: Anti-ageing reoxygenating mask After the scrub, leave to settle.

The texture will transform into a mousse format.

Filorga's specialised NCTF technology boosts cell regeneration and micro-bubbles of oxygen are released to allow suffocated skin to breathe.

Rinse off when the bubbles have disappeared.

Please note that the treated area should not be exposed to sunlight after application.

If sun exposure is unavoidable, ensure that an appropriate amount of sun protection should be applied beforehand.

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