FILLMED X-HA 3 1 x 1ml


FILLMED X-HA 3®  is a sterile, biodegradable, viscoelastic, clear, transparent, isotonic and homogenized injectable gel implant. The devide consists of cross-linked hyaluronic aciod (HA), obtained from streptoccus equi bacteria, formulated to a concentration of 23mg/ml in a physiologic buffer. Each box contains one pre-filled syringe of 1.0ml solution, two 27G 1/2'' disposable sterile needles and instructions for use. A set of two labels showing the batch number are situated on the bottom of the box. One of these labels should be attached to the patient's file and the other should be given to the patient to ensure traceability.



FILLMED X-HA 3 redefines facial volume with natural effects, without surgery. The device is a viscoelastic solution for correcting moderate to seve facial wrinkles and folds as well as increasing lip volume. It is indicated to be injected into the mid to deep dermis. It is used for cosmetic purposes but such device can also address medical reconstructive purposes in the treatment of e.g. facial lipoatrophy, debilitating scars or morphological asymmetry.


Benefits of FILLMED X-HA 3

•Creates and restores volume

•Enhances the shape of the face and improves facial contours



•Hyaluronic acid concentration 23mg/ml molecular weight pre-filled syringe

•2 x 27G 1/2'' TW needles

•Instruction leaflet

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