BCN Organic Silica 10 x 5ml


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BCN ORGANIC SILICA is an all-in-one facelift, toning and anti-ageing treatment.

Organic Silica is a regenerating solution that restores flexibility, elasticity and strength to the collagen and elastin of connective tissues. 

How does Organic Silica work?

Organic Silica moisturises, renews and regenerates cells. It stimulates and regulates fibrolast mitosis and cellular metabolisms, actively preventing the acceleration of premature ageing, which aids in the reduction of cellulite. It also binds moisture in the epidermis, firming and strengthening the skin and improves the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. 

Treatment for:

Common signs of ageing, cellulite, loss of skin firmness, hair loss, localised fat, stretch marks and scars.  

Packaging details:

  • 10 x 5ml