BCN Meso Roller Facial (0.5mm) Titanium


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BCN Meso Roller Facial (0.5mm) Titanium is a titanium roller with 540 micro needles. This revolutionary device helps the active ingredients to be absorbed into the skin and is ideal for non-surgical treatment of fine lines, marks, cellulite, etc. 

The meso roller is a mechanical transdermal penetration device consisting of a handle with a roller at the end. The roller is composed of microneedles that, depending on the model, can have different sizes. The meso roller makes more comfortable to treason large body areas, since it reduces treatment time.  

How does BCN Meso Roller Facial (0.5mm) Titanium work? 

When these micro needles pass along the skin they improve absorption of the cosmetic and mesotherapeutic products and it also helps to stimulate the bottom layer of the skin. The Meso Roller increases the absorption rate between 200-1000 times of the active ingredients and naturally stimulate skin’s collagen and rejuvenating elasticity of the skin. 

Packaging details:

  • 1 roller