Alidya Anti LipoDystrophic Agents 5 x 10ml


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Alidya is an anti-lipostrophic agent designed and approved for the treatment and prevention of cellulite. For those suffering from early stages of cellulite. 

What are the benefits of Alidya Anti LipoDystrophic Agents?

  • The treatment areas are the stomach, thighs, buttocks and shoulders.
  • Patients should check with cellulite reduction, skin smoothing, skin volume reconstructing and enhanced skin tension.
  • Dissolve toxins produced in adipose tissues which contributes to cellulite.
  • Improve blood circulation with an antioxidant effect and curbs free-radical processes, which contribute to cellulite development.

Product Details:

  • 5 x 340 mg powder.
  • 5 x 10ml solvent.