BCN Vitamin A Retinol 10 x 2ml


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BCN Vitamin A works as an antioxidant on the skin, disarming free radicals that cause tissue and cellular damage.

Wrinkles and lines are gradually smoothed, moisture and elasticity increased, the complexion glows and sun damage is diminished.

It increases the skin's cell turnover, and increases collagen giving a more youthful appearance.

How does BCN Vitamin A Retinol works?

The Vitamin A plays an important role in RNA synthesis which produces new and healthy cells in skin.Because of deficiencies, these cells prematurely die, harden, and plug the oil sacs and pores.Retinol exfoliates and unclogs pores; it acts on skin's density and suppleness by regulating keratinizing and healing process.It helps to restore damaged skin and improve the condition of rough and dry skin.This effect is based upon the action that vitamin A carries out on the basal stratum of the epidermis.Various studies have shown that applying the vitamin A locally achieves an increase in the mitotic activity of about 30%.By increasing cell turnover, dull surface cells are shed more quickly.

Vitamin A and its derivatives also have shown beneficial effects in controlling acne, psoriasis, neoplastic processes, and most recently, reversal in extrinsically aged skin. 

Direction For Use:

Apply on clean and dry face skin or scalp and massage until complete absorption. 

Product details:

  • 10 x 2ml.