BCN Melano 5 x 5ml


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 BCN MELANO is designed to improve and enlighten the skin, it prevents ageing, improves acne marks and scarring and gives the skin a more youthful appearance, thanks to its five active ingredients which are Glutathione 600, Glycolic Acid, Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, Citric Acid. 

How does BCN Melano work?

Glutathione has a high concentration of 600mg per gram of tissue, it works together with vitamin C to make this product a powerful antioxidant for the skin, it is a detoxifying agent and inhibits the synthesis of melanin, an action that works well in synergy with kojic acid. 

Glycolic acid has exfoliating effect to increase the penetration of the other topical agents, also as depositing hydrating agents inside the surface of the newly exfoliated skin, thereby reducing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, and improving sun-damaged skin.

Direction For Use:

Apply on clean and dry body/face skin and massage until fully absorption. 

Product Details:

  • 5 x 5ml.