BCN Base 5 x 3ml


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BCN Asian Centella Regenerative Solution, an efficient all-in-one treatment for cellulite, skin rejuvenation, hair loss and stretch marks. 

How does it work?

Centella asiatica has aid wound healing in several scientific studies.

One of the primary mechanisms of action of this plant appears to be the stimulation of type-1 collagen production. The triterpenes of Centella Asiatica, and more particularly, asiatic acid, stimulate collagen and elastin biosynthesis, and help to improve wound repair with a better re-epithelialisation and a normalisation of perivascular connective tissue allowing an improvement of the venous wall tone and elasticity.

Centella has the potential to enhance connective tissue integrity, elevate antioxidant levels in wound healing, and improve capillary permeability.

Asian Centella helps in strengthening the capillaries and veins and assists with better blood circulation. It stops the formation of fibers that trap fat cells in cellulite and improve the flexibility of the connective tissue. Asian Centella, stimulates collagen synthesis by energizing dermal fibroblasts, which leads to stronger blood vessel walls.

Directions For Use:

Apply on clean and dry body/face skin and massage until complete absorption

Product details:

  • 10 x 2ml ampoules