Everything you need to know about peelings!

Everything you need to know about peelings!

What is the peel? 

 Peeling, in other words Natural skin exfoliation of the skin, has been taught for some time now. Safe and controlled practice, it removes the upper layers of the epidermis for a new skin. Generally, peels are performed in dermatological practices, but there are products to include in your daily beauty routine. Do you know the superficial peel? Well, this is the one you can do at home with specific beauty products formulated for it. This so-called “gentle” peel will act on the surface of the skin. 

While being very effective in refining the skin texture, it remains quick and easy. It helps erase skin imperfections, smooth fine lines and have a radiant complexion all day long. 

 For people who wish to act more in depth on the dermis, it will be necessary to opt for the medium peel. It accelerates cell renewal and strongly stimulates the production of collagen. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it helps reduce wrinkles and even age spots. The extra thing? This type of practice improves the elasticity of the skin!

How is the skin after a peel? 

There are several types of peels available (ex: BCN PEEL # 1 # 2 # 3) 

 # 1 The anti-acne peel. 

 # 2 The Anti-Aging Peel.

 # 3 The hyperpigmentation peel. 

 The skin will react differently depending on the type of skin, the peel used and the lifestyle of the person (smoker or not, Food ...) 

 In most cases, your skin will be soft, light and radiant: here are the adjectives that will define your skin after a peel! the purpose of this practice is to let the face breathe by acting on the various skin alterations it may undergo, such as skin aging, pigment spots, acne or scars. 

This is why the peel restores a real boost of radiance, refines the skin texture, erases imperfections and unifies the complexion. Women and men love it and we can see why! 

 But having that skin at home, is it possible? 

Well, yeah ! Dermatological laboratories, like BCN, offer cosmetics that will treat the 3 main problems associated with the face (acne, spots, wrinkles). 

Their products adapt to the type of skin to make it smooth, satiny and to remove dead cells.  

Which product used after my peel?

After performing a peeling, we recommend a cream with SPF30, avoid Saunas, Hammams, Do not exfoliate the skin repeatedly. To meet the needs of your skin, opt for a gentle cleanser to apply morning and evening, an anti-aging antioxidant emulsion to apply in the morning to the face and around the eyes, then an anti-aging night treatment to apply to the evening. perfectly cleansed skin. 

 Hoping to have shed some light on the subject.