All skin types do not always have the same needs. 

 Fillmed Gr-Youth mask can be used in different situations, it plumps the skin when it lacks vivacity, it retains the active ingredients of the serum when applied in combination. 

 Fillmed Gr-Youth Mask has three functions that make it a very popular and necessary product: 

 - Visibly plumps the skin. - Hydrates and soothes. 

- Potentiates the effects of serums. Indeed this plumping mask is ideal for tired and dehydrated skin, lacking radiance.

 It replenishes the skin's hydration barrier and visibly plumps it up. Enriched with shea butter and Babassu oil, this super creamy mask smoothes the appearance of the skin's surface and improves its radiance.This treatment can also be used as an eye contour mask alone, to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and restore comfort. 

 Several key ingredients are at the origin of its success: 

 - Shea butter (nourishing, repairing and smoothing). 

 - Babassu oil (nourishing, repairing and protective). 

 - Gal-Rha polysaccharides (Plumping and moisturizing). 

 - Vitamin E (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties). 

 Is this treatment right for me? This treatment is particularly nourishing and is therefore ideal for dry to very dry, sensitive, normal or combination skin and is however not recommended for oily skin. 

 How to use it? 

 Gr-Youth Mask is used once or twice a week. On clean skin, apply the serum of your choice, which best matches your skin's expectations (optional but highly recommended).

 Apply GR-Youth Mask in a thick layer over the entire face (also around the eyes). 

 Leave on for 15 to 30 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water. It can also be left on for longer if your skin is in dire need of hydration.